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Corporate Email Wants Us To Netflix & Chill?

April 3, 2020

It’s been all of three weeks of quarantine, and companies are telling us to play board games with our families. To take time and reflect. To Netflix & Chill. To BUY NOW.

Companies are going about this email communication in so many different and bizarre ways that there should be a bingo card. And it’s not surprising. Profit-driven enterprises are not typically adept at speaking frankly and openly with customers, even in the best of times. So for every Lyft, which outlined a concise and specific plan for its workforce and the community (bravo)…

Lyft keeps it classy.

…there is a glut and influx of this type of thing – the non-official WordPress theme of COVID-19, on sale NOW.

This is just…yikes.

From B2B to eCommerce to consumer brands, businesses are finding it challenging (if not utterly impossible) to have sincere and open dialogues with their customers and client base. If you want a comprehensive list of these attempts, there is an entertaining roundup of good, bad, and ugly emails over at Slate and Adweek. These approaches, as you’ve likely seen in your own inbox these days, range from thinly veiled sales pitches to opportunistic soapboxes to genuine care and leadership. But there is no playbook for this, which is why so many companies (even great ones) are losing their way at times.

Return to sender.

The truth is that people (yes, including consumers) are seeking assurance and guidance right now. They want to know that companies they love will be around beyond next week and not shuttered forever. They want offers for help that are – get this – actually offers for help, and beneficial services (including paid ones) that provide real value during this time. Companies that communicate often, and with purpose, will build a lot more goodwill than those offering unsolicited advice to Netflix & Chill or spend even more time with family, if that is somehow humanly possible.

Even if there’s no 100% perfect way to navigate this scenario we are in, we’d like to gift companies with a boilerplate version of the letter we’re sending to our network ourselves, to use as-is or adapt. It’s part of a broader communication strategy (happy to share that game plan too) but we want to ensure you’re covering your bases at least once, and showing your customers and clients that you care about them.

Just contact us with your email and we’ll get it out to you tomorrow. ✋✉️

Quick Updates

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An External Marketing Company

March 6, 2020

Shameless self-promotion is a necessary evil; it increases brand awareness, fosters brand identity, brings in more customers, and ultimately drives sales. With ever-increasing competition across so many business categories, it is more important than ever that marketing strategies be on target. But without a partner marketing company, how do you survive?

Many business owners set up tiny internal marketing departments, hoping to save time and resources. They throw every initiative at one overburdened person or a small support staff. As a result, their team becomes overwhelmed – putting a strain on resources and morale.

As the owner of a marketing company, I think back on the years of experience working within agencies and in-house teams that got me here, and the lessons learned. Using these insights, I will go through concrete reasons why it makes sense to outsource your marketing efforts to a company like ours. Then, you be the judge!

#1 Stagnating Skill Sets

Unless your budget permits, hiring an experienced team of multi-disciplinary digital marketers full-time isn’t possible. This is why many small to mid sized companies (even large ones) cut their internal teams down to a skeleton crew, or only one person. They hire an individual with the skills needed solve a momentary dilemma, and then proceed to keep that person in the same role for years.

But when the company wants to evolve and grow, it becomes apparent that the many specializations of online marketing are too complex to be fully mastered by one person. Even with a support staff, the in-house team stays locked within the channels and content they’re most comfortable with. Or, they can’t practically accomplish everything being asked of them. This impedes growth, letting competitors take the lead.

#2 Tunnel Vision

It is true that having intimate insider knowledge of your business and industry is a perk of in-house marketing teams. But, only working with one brand – your brand – results in tunnel vision, restricting creativity. This lack of outside stimulus and perspective leads to falling behind in trends, innovation, and a competitive edge. This stagnation is what motivated me to move beyond working within one brand only.

Outsourcing makes available entire teams of specialized cross-domain marketers. This could consist of paid search gurus, content champions, lead funnel fanatics and everything in between. Each expert actively works on multiple brands simultaneously, gaining diverse exposure to trends and ideas. The best part? They adapt their evolving insights to tackle new priorities and situations.

#3 Hidden Costs of Internal Teams

When an internal team hits the breaking point, many companies free up budget to hire another team member. But the real missed opportunity is in bringing on a marketing company at relatively the same cost.

In fact, dollar for dollar, the retainer cost of marketing companies may even be less than hiring a single full-tile employee. This is because there are long-term and up-front costs and resources involved in hiring added full-time employees. You need to factor in recruitment, training, benefits, and attrition costs into your direct-hire budget.

Still not convinced? Well, the average annual salary of an early to early-mid career online marketing manager comes to around $62,560. At some point, this person will need a team to manage – and hiring support staff takes time and money. This doesn’t factor in the relevant tool packages, programs, and technologies they will request to do their work efficiently.

Having run internal marketing departments myself, I know this scenario all too well. In my experience, I’ve found that external marketing companies will cost you less in the long-term, no matter the perceived upfront cost.

#4 Marketing Company Scalability

One other benefit of a marketing company is that services are scalable. Does your business need the dedicated full-time services of experts in AdWords, paid search, developing, fractional CMO, and pay-per-click all at the same time? If so, does your business have the funds to support everything at once? If not, then there’s no advantage to hire internally for these roles.

Don’t get me wrong; you will definitely need these kinds of services for a comprehensive marketing program – just not simultaneously 24/7. However, it will be hard to find an expert that is willing to work a couple hours a week. Enter marketing companies. With our extensive industry connections, we have the ability to tap into valuable experts for hours at a time, even those with full time employment.

For example, a leading expert who may be off the market may offer us an insight over coffee, or be willing to provide guidance under a narrow scope. Even if they don’t work with clients directly, they may be amenable to working with us. The result? Brands that use marketing companies get the services of expert specialists without having to hire them full-time!

#5 Platform Perks

If you are managing your own ad spend, or ordering your own CRM subscription, you could be missing out. This is because platforms often provide features or benefits to marketing companies like ours that are not available to the general public. Simply by managing portals on behalf of our clients, we have access to unreleased beta versions, reps with insider knowledge to ensure success, leverage in negotiation, advanced dashboards, and much faster customer support! These are advantages we are able to pass down to our valued clients, as an added bonus of working together. It is a win-win.

Now that you’ve seen the evidence, reach out to us! Let’s talk and discover whether partnering with our marketing company makes sense for your organization at this moment in time.

Quick Updates

Double Zebra In Dining Out Magazine

December 31, 2019
restaurant marketing experts

Hungry for better marketing? Catch Double Zebra in the latest issue of Dining Out Magazine highlighting our expertise in the restaurant and marketing industries.

In partnership with Dining Out San Diego, we have the best team in town with longstanding knowledge and experience in marketing and beyond. This includes new restaurant launches, products, restaurant business consulting, and turnarounds for businesses that need revitalization.

From rebranding to interior design to business strategy, and everything in between, we have a specialized team to match. Let’s make it a big year together!

Quick Updates

Double Zebra CEO Featured On SD Voyager

October 21, 2019

We are thrilled to share that our very own CEO Aaron W. has been featured on SD Voyager as part of the San Diego Inspiring Stories series. The interview talks about Double Zebra: our approach, perspective, and everything that distinguishes us from other marketing agencies. It’s great to be recognized in our San Diego, community and to know that the word is getting out about the work we’re doing. Thank you to SD Voyager for reaching out to us!

Check out the article with accompanying photos by the amazing True Photography.