Frequently Asked Questions

When would my company bring on Double Zebra?

If you’re reaching the point where you need more marketing help than you can handle, that is the trigger point to work with us. Our clients include funded early stage businesses, growing companies, and long established brands.

How much do programs cost?

For foundational marketing, typical recurring monthly programs run around the same cost as one full-time internal hire. This is a wide span, so we tailor our services to match your budget and goals.

We also do high-visibility campaigns and creative work, where the spend is tailored according to the creative talent and the caliber of execution.

There is no upper limit, as we are able to build bespoke ‘micro’ and ‘mini’ agencies tailored towards each individual client.

On the starting end, if your monthly budget is well below $2500 for any given service, this is likely not the solution for you, as it will restrict what we are able to accomplish on your behalf.

If you don’t know your budget, we have created a proprietary budgeting tool that we will walk you through. This will be a great place to start!

My company requires a LOT of marketing. Can you help?

Yes, we are scalable to match the specific services and pace you are looking to accomplish.

What happens after I contact you with a marketing need?

We will follow up quickly, on average within 1 business day. As soon as we’re hired, we get everything lined up. Typically, work starts within 5 days of our first conversation. Fast!!!

If Double Zebra creates a plan for me, am I under obligation to move forward?

Not at all. However, we aim to get it right the first time, and typically recommend the services that we believe will be most beneficial for you, within budget. If it isn’t the right fit, we want to know why so we can make adjustments quickly.

We put care and attention at the beginning in thinking throughout the options and coming up with a plan tailored around your specific needs and priorities.

Do you help with project-based work in addition to retainers?

It depends on the project and the associated budget. Some work is inherently project based, such as websites, which we do take on. But typically, a starter project is just one part of a larger marketing strategy that is rolled out over time.

Our agency has a specific marketing need. Can we bring you on?

Yes Рwe currently partner with over 30 agencies and independent creatives depending on the client need. We are also set up to package and white label our services to top agencies.

Where does the name Double Zebra come from?

A zebra (basic black-and-white) shouldn’t be all that interesting on its own. Yet it is magnetizing, and no two are alike.

When you put two together, you create a spectacle that can’t be ignored.

The two Zebra in our logo represent the creative and strategic sides of our company.